Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact a support representative at any time.


Absolutely! Message to a member of our support team and they'll get back to you within 24-48 hours. Be sure to include the following: the title you're trying to access, the device you're using and a detailed account of the issue.

Before anything else, try downloading Adobe Digital Editions here. If that doesn't work, contact us.

Under normal circumstances, we reply to our customers within 24-48 hours of the time we first receive a message. We'll notify you if there are any delays in finding you a solution.

Sure! Laptops work great, as do eReaders, desktop computers, smartphones or tablet (Apple or Android).

Windows Phone, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, or Linux.

Any issues related to logging in can be resolved by talking to one of our representatives. We can't sign you in ourselves, but we can help you figure out why you can't access the site.


No, unfortunately. ADE is the eBook reader application that runs our content. Fortunately, you can download it here!

You can be logged into as many devices as you've got. Anytime, anywhere.

Send us a message with the name of the title you want to see: We update daily, so we'll do our best to get it into one of our daily additions!

You're free to cancel at any time. It's as easy as filling out this form or speaking to our support team: 1-844-736-9974.

You will. We'll send out an email confirming your cancellation to the address you used to sign up. If you don't receive said email, let us know and we'll resend it to you.

We're not sure, but we'll help you find out. Billing inquiries can be answered more clearly by contacting of one of our representatives.